Books and Seminars 

You can order my book through Amazon as a paperback or Kindle e-book. Another option, however, is to order directly from me, especially if you'd like to organize a seminar. I give discounts for orders of 20+ copies. A workbook is also available that is self-published and can be adapted for your group or organization.

Seminar options are flexible depending on the needs of your group and how much time you would like to meet face to face. I have done a half-day seminar for a church, which lasted for four hours with a 30-minute coffee break included. For another agency, I attended their annual staff conference, spoke for 90 minutes, and was available for smaller breakout sessions. At a larger conference for executive leaders, I presented a basic overview in 45 minutes. It all depends on your needs and how best to meet them. 

My recommendation would be at least a half-day seminar, which allows for whole group presentation, small group discussions, a question/answer session, and time for reflection and application. Ideally, the participants would read the book in advance. 

Please contact me for more information.

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