A reliable roadmap to navigate the tumultuous waters of the business world, especially the typhoons created by conflicts between generations. A page-turner that is essential to managers who truly want to lead by example.  

Bertrand Guillotin, The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University

As the generations blend more and more in the workplace, we need to have resources that enable us to understand each other so that we can begin a dialogue that will enable us to work together and maximize our strengths. This book is a great resource to begin that process.  

Matt Rawlins, Ph.D, Leadership Consultant

Leaders, especially founders, leave behind a multi-generational legacy. As founder of Mercy Ships, a faith-based charity using hospital ships to bring hope and healing to the world's forgotten poor, creating an organization that is able to sustain itself has required much thought, consideration, and planning on my part. I have personally benefited from the analogies and examples in this book.  

Don Stephens, Founder and CEO, Mercy Ships

Every leader in any type of organization should read this book. Leadership transitions can be some of the most painful professional experiences that we go through, for all concerned. This book provides ways to potentially help us through.

Tom Bloomer, Ph.D., International Provost, University of the Nations

Prepare for a fascinating fast-paced ride, and along the way learn key lessons in generational differences and how they impact leadership succession. I have been in the boat and it's exciting. There are many opportunities and hazards along the way. The book provides an excellent guide for the journey.

Peter Maiden, International Director of Operation Mobilization


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